Dada’s Women

collaborative mixed-media works by composer Sonia Allori and artist Vaia Paziana based on 'Dada's Women' by Ruth Hemus


The exhibition ‘Exploding Collage’ at Hatton Gallery Newcastle closed 12 January 2019. But ‘Gathering‘ is still running until 16 February 2019. You can also check out this interview with the curator Madeleine Kennedy in Aesthetica magazine, which includes a nod to Dada’s Women.


Dada’s Women at Hatton Gallery in Newcastle 24th Nov 2018 at 3pm

Gathering – Artist Intervention: Sonia Allori, Ruth Hemus, Vaia Paziana

Unlimited freedom for HH!                                                                                                             Join the Dada’s Women project team in their tribute to the pioneering photomontage artist Hannah Höch. Immerse yourself in a multimedia collage of digital visuals and soundscape. Then help us to further transform our occupied grotto by building, sculpting and constructing. Inspired by Höch, this communal intervention led by Vaia Paziana, Sonia Allori and Ruth Hemus reminds us to ‘Never keep both feet on the ground.’

Epl11 still2b L



DADA’s WOMEN at Tate Modern’s Tate Exchange

on 13th February 2017


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