Dada’s Women

collaborative mixed-media works by composer Sonia Allori and artist Vaia Paziana based on 'Dada's Women' by Ruth Hemus

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Dada’s Women – The story continues

Arty title shot! Thanks Don!

Arty title shot! Thanks Don!

Hello! This is Sonia Allori again with the next thrilling instalment (!?) of Dada’s Women – The Opera. To recap a little … I’m a musician and composer and part of the Flip Artists mentoring programme for disabled artists in 2015. The project I am developing (you may remember) concerns the creation of an opera with subject matter drawn from the female members of the early 20th Century Dada artistic movement.

Six months have passed since the research trip to Zurich in February and in the interim there has been a whole lot of planning, thinking, discussion, a bit more thinking and all framed within a healthy dose of self-doubt for good measure! I’ve since learned that this is a quite a normal stage in the development of a new work. This is by far the largest-scale work I have written and from the very beginning the process has been different and fairly overwhelming. This I have been assured is also quite a usual reaction!?
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