Dada’s Women

collaborative mixed-media works by composer Sonia Allori and artist Vaia Paziana based on 'Dada's Women' by Ruth Hemus

Dada’s Women intervention at the Hatton – with links to new music and video

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Arriving at the gallery in Newcastle:


The Gathering explained:

Gathering installation at the Hatton Gallery, Newcastle


Installing and settling in…


A glimpse through a neighbouring installation with guests:


Vaia and Sonia took inspiration from work titles that encapsulate HH’s subversive and ever-evolving way of life and art practice to create an audio-visual sense of ‘not being limited by orders nor borders and being on the move close to the ground maybe but never too grounded’.

Views of the installation: 


Sonia’s lyrics adapted from Hannah Höch quotes and invitations for creative responses for audience members and community groups:


Some fantastic responses from guests during the event:


Ruth and Sonia exploring the ‘Exploding Collage’ exhibition:


Links to Sonia’s music:

Memorial to an important lace shirt’

‘Never keep both feet on the ground’

and the video

Our team and what we are leaving behind for others to continue…


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