Dada Reloaded

Dada came to London on 21 May 2016 for Instant City Reloaded, when a delegation from the Cabaret Voltaire and Zurich University of the Arts came together with Central St. Martins to set up a provisional performance space. Our project team’s response to an open call for contributions to this twelve-hour event was accepted. A new digital animation by Vaia, with an original score by Sonia, called ‘daisy chain fragments for Sisyphus’, was shown on a big screen to an audience of artists, performers, students, scholars, visitors and curious passers-by. Events became curiouser and curiouser as Ruth and Vaia were drawn in to a happening in which performance artist Daniel Oliver, occupying the role of the poet-pugilist Dada hero Arthur Cravan, conducted a séance. Near-nudity, plastic sheets and fake blood evoked the kind of discomfort and uncertainty for which Dada was renowned. In a compilation video of the event you can see shots of both the pre-planned artwork on the screen, and the spontaneous participation of our project team that began in a boxing ring. Dada lives in London!


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